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Provider Referrals

These Are Your Patients, We Are Here For You

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Provider Referrals

Have a patient that could benefit from additional testing or treatment? Simply complete the printable referral form and we will reach out to the patient and get them scheduled for the desired appointment. We will keep you informed of results and keep you involved in your patient's care. 

This can be faxed to us at (414) 293-1181. 

Click the link below to find our printable referral forms. 

We are honored to be part of your patient's care plan.


Thank you for choosing us! 

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Macular, ONH, Anterior Seg OCT. We can provide Testing only or Testing and Interpretation with Treatment. 

Retinal Imaging

Ultra Wide Field as well as standard imaging available.

Dry Eye Testing

Meibography, Tear film evaluation, MMP-9 testing, Blink rate

Dry Eye Treatment

IPL / Optilight, Radio Frequency, Tear Care,

BlephEx, Amniotic membrane placement, Scleral lenses


Keratoconus, hard to fit Contact Lenses, Myopia Management

Specialty CL Fitting

Scleral contact lenses,

RGP lenses,  Myopia Management 

Urgent Care

Foreign Body, HSV, Infection, Red Eye, Eye Pain

Visual Field Testing 

Virtual Reality VF Testing to offer comfort, convenience, and accuracy for patients. 


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