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The Eye Shop

Everything you need in one place! 

Eyes Closed


Eyelid Care 

Our eyelids are crucial to the health of eyes. Dry eyes, ocular allergies, blepharitis, styes and more can all be linked to our eyelid hygiene. Here you'll find products specifically suited to be used around the eyes and get you feeling better! 

Eye Makeup
Eye Serum


Skin Care

When our eyes feel tired, our skin can look tired... Here you'll find products to focus on the skin surrounding your eyes. You deserve to look and feel your best. 



Eyewear Bling

Tired of wearing eyeglasses with no edge? Worry no more! Our bling will set you apart from the crowd in all the best ways. 

Closeup shot of woman hand opening red sunglasses case at the background of sun. Empty spa


Fashion Frills

All the extras you need for your eyewear. Eyeglass cases, cleaners, and more! These frills should really be called fundamentals. 

Sunglasses and glasses sale concept. Trendy sunglasses on gray background with golden palm
Image by Emil Jarfelt

Frame Gallery

Take a look at a sampling of our frames!

Stop by and have some fun trying on our full, curated collection. We would love to style you! 

Contact Eye Lenses. Woman Hands Holding Contact Eye Lens. Woman Hands Holding White Contai
Contact Lenses


Contact Lens Ordering

There are so many contact lens brands. Your Optometrist prescribed contact lenses specifically to suite your eyes' needs. Here you can order your specific brand online while ensuring you are getting the care your eye doctor prescribed. 

Your eyes work hard every day!

We'll give you the tools to make sure your eyes and vision feel great all day long. 


Call Us Now! 


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